Computers Building, Gaming and More

My first PC was a Sinclair ZX81 and a school we had got a BBC Micro and I was one of a lucky few that got to use it, was into Basic and Machine Code. Windows 3.1 was a milestone but building PC’s your self was still hard with interrupt request still being a manual thing, then came plug and play, and it has got so easy now PC building is child’s play I have run on a scout district badge weekend!

This is my main PC it’s built within one of the first cooler master towers, made with stainless steel and aluminum I have never found a more heavily made case, I’m using a Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard with an Intel LGA1151 Core i7 processor, 32GB of DDR4, 1TB M2 SSD Hard Drive and 3tb of drive storage as doubles as my server and a Geforce GTX 1660 1660 super graphics card, can play any game at its highest setting, very fast edit of any video.

I have been building PCs since 1993 with 3.1 windows and every version since, for myself, friends, family, and some time for workplaces. Don’t build much anymore because it got so simple and prebuilt has got so cheap that the days of parts at PC fairs have all but died out.

Gaming has always been an interest, but i suppose the time I was most into games was with Call of Duty and Call of Duty UO. I friend asked me to help out with a Gaming Clan, Build a Website back when gamers used PHP Nuke for that and got into building maps and mods. At one stage we had 2 Servers all with custom maps, and a great mot that took over the front loading screen of COD with direct links for our games, points were recorded against member profiles on the website.

//Creates a Progress bar on the caller of the function
Name = name of the progress bar ( string )
x = starting x for the progress bar ( integer between 0 and 480 )
y = starting y for the progress bar ( integer between 0 and 640 )
width = total width of the progress bar’s background ( integer between 0 and 480 )
height = total heigth of the progress bar’s background ( integer between 0 and 640 )
alignX = horizontal alignment for the progress bar ( string “left,” “right,” or “center” )
alignY = vertical alignment for the progress bar ( “up,” “middle,” or “bottom” )
bAlpha = transparency of the progress bar’s background ( float between 0 and 1 or undefined )
pAlpha = transparency of the progress bar ( float between 0 and 1 or undefined )
bColor = color of the progress bar’s background ( ( red, green, blue ) or undefined )
pColor = color of the progress bar ( ( red, green, blue ) or undefined )
bShader = shader of the progress bar’s background
pShader = shader of the progress bar
pTime = time it takes for the progress bar to reach 100%

The program opposite was me seting up the values for a custom progress bar in COD UO, most programs start by setting up values and formatting makes it easy to tweak them later.

There are som many computer languages because people keep creating them, even when they don’t really need to! learning all of them would be impossible but most have some common bases that allow you to play smile The obscure one I ever had the pleasure of learning was the Philips P2000 computer version of basic, of absolutely no use now!!

Websites use mostly HMTL and PHP with other stuff thrown in, useful to know when you want thinks to work better and to get more points in the world of search engines such as google knowing how it all works is a massive advantage, lots of people rely on the content management and plugin’s made for them, this will always be second best!

Programing Pi’s and other microprocessors are something I am working on but are not hard to learn, just hard to find the time.