JD Delsounds

I have been a DJ for over 30 years, I don’t do this for income any more, it’s just a hobby, mostly for charitys and sometimes scouting, I have a ProDub Licence and insurance and quite a cool setup, still subscribe to DMC and Mastermix for music as I love to listen to it myself. Don’t do house parties Booking or other functions, only for friends, family and charities.

"Last night a DJ saved my life"

Don’t think that so likely but i do get a Buzz from running a great night. Whether you just like mixing beats or  you want to record mixes of your favourites, or some Kevin and perry bedroom DJ‘ing, it can be so much fun!

Search licensed ProDub

Individuals who hold a valid ProDub licence are included in PRS for Music database of names. You can make own search for my licence, it uses sir names so mine is Hagan. You will find Derek Hagan DJ Westcliff on Sea that’s me! 

I have a vast range of music of all kinds

by Delsounds a Sample Classic House Mix

      Bits & Pieces '91 (The Dynamite House Mix) - VA