Hobby Drones

Aerial Photography and just fun Flying,  today’s drones are extremely capable and get brilliant results, so simple to fly. Some rules for flying drones in the UK have come into this hobby but are very simple to follow.

This video is made with my Karma drone in a Scout Survival Camp @ Danemead Scout Campsite.

The Karma only uses up to the HERO7 Go-Pro camera same for the official gimbal in the kit called the Karma grip.

For my HERO7 I have the Portable all-round Feiyu G6 Plus 3-Axis Stabilizer Handheld Gimbal, this works my cameras and phone as well.

Still playing with video editing and have a long way to go, this was more of an experiment, worth doing as next time will be I able to improve.

Unfortunately, the Karma, as a drone, proved to be too big and too heavy to compete with the svelte DJI Mavic. To make matters worse, just two weeks after it launched, the Karma suffered a full recall as several drones spontaneously fell out of the sky! (Now Fixed)

GoPro leaves behind drones, the company said it will go back to focusing on its cameras, they are great. That said it’s a great piece of kit and now comes at a great price.

Drone users in the UK must now sit an online test and pay a very small annual fee. drones weighing more than 250g, which encompasses virtually all but the smallest toys must be registered and labeled with a unique license number.