Automatic Packet Reporting System


APRS contains a number of packet info including position/object/item, status, messages, queries, weather reports and telemetry. This is used for tracking cars, HAB Amateur Radio High Altitude Ballooning who also use Space Near US also worth a look.

iAPRS allows ham radio operators to find each other worldwide via the Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) and their iPhone via the internet. Nice eazy way to get your reporting done, works on iphone and ipad. There are apps for other smart phones.

This FT-8900 radio is great for APRS since it has a dedicated packet port on the back. Look for the six pin mini din connector. Makes packet plug and play easy with our pre-made cables, to fit on an ARPS unit. On the VHF 2m band – the most commonly used band for APRS – APRS uses 144.800MHz here in the UK. Stations transmit their position reports, beacons, telemetry, messages and for any other stations within range to hear, stations that receive may retransmit them after inserting their callsign into the data. Stations that do this are called digipeaters, they give a larger range to the APRS network.

Band Condition