In the UK RTTY and PSK31 being heard almost every evening, particularly on 20 metres set 14.080MHz and 14.099 MHz.

Radio Teletype (RTTY) is very old technology but is still used by ameter radio, its a system for broadcasting text over radio and is still used in some regions for Weather Forecasts over the radio.There are two ways of sending FSK (frequency shift keying) and AFSK (audio frequency shift keying).

There many different types of interface that are available to connectcomputers to transceivers the one i use is a rigblaster plug and play, Westmountain Radio make some great kit for radios you can look up your radio here .

There is lots of software's for RTTY and some are not free, if you want a good free program i recommend MMTTY it is very popular and there is a great deal of support available. MMTTY needs to be setup before use. Using the Option the the six taps you need to put in your callsign, set the COM port that rigblaster is running on you will most likely need to adjust Sound and mic levels.

You will see a waterfall display of the RTTY signal with two lines representing the two tones, clicking on one of these lines will help to finely tune the signal. The XY scope on the right must be used to help tuning, you can fine-tuning the transceiver will bring them vertical and horizontal, at which point the RTTY will start to be decoded.

Have fun with this great Mode!