The shack with various communications equipment. Location is Latitude: 51.5618846 / 51° 33′ 42″ N Longitude: 0.6734816 / 0° 40′ 24″ E

For hams that use rotators my Maidenhead Grid Square Locator is Grid: JO01in

Bands and available modes set up so far:

  • 70cm All Modes (Collinear on the roof)
  • 2m All Modes (Collinear on the roof)
  • HF 6M All Modes (Have a 6m vertical needs change on 2nd mast)
  • HF All Modes 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 80m (HUSTLER 6-BTV vertical antenna
  • Other bands can be achieved by a long wire antenna pully set up from the second mast to the corner of the house.
  • DMR and DMR & Wires-X Repeater

Have also a great portable setup and a very large mast, large event PMR set up for event use on Scout PMR Radio Licence.