The Promise is the commitment made by all Members as they join Scouting, promising to share the values of Scouting for not just a Young person as an adult. For both Valerie (the wife) Scouting is a part of our lives, we spend a lot of time camping, bushcraft training. 

Like Many Volunteers in Scouting i have more than one roll.

You could almost say I am a full-time scouter, I not crazy (maybe a little) I enjoy my self, it’s rewarding and such a lot of fun!

Some Roles Past and Present:

Closed a lot of roles recently, looks almost like giving up scouting, making room for my next scouting adventures.

I have been lucky to be involved at Scouting Events in Essex and around the UK Here are some if them:

  • Belchamps Winter Camp
  • Belchamps Firworks Night
  • Belchamps JOTA JOTI
  • Essex Jambree
  • NorJam
  • The Bushcraft Show
  • Alpkit Big Shakeout
  • Gilwell Winter Camp
  • Gilwell Fundays
  • Gilwell 24
  • Gilwell Reunion
  • Scarefest
  • Essex Weekend

Also a number of training events:


  • Essex Scout School
  • GLNE BushScout Training Days
  • Essex BushScout Training Days
  • Essex Jamboree Selection Camp
  • GLNE Tomahawk Course
  • ENE Bushscout (Scotland)
  • GME Bushscout Course
  • Southend Estuary Training Courses

Venturer Lodge 7897

The Lodge meets on the 2nd Thursday in January, April, July and October.

It’s not hard to find the parallels between Freemasonry, and I really like being a Freemason. I did not know anything about Freemasonry and now with some understanding, the conspiracies do make me laugh. It’s just a great organisation that has very similar morals and principles to scouting.

At the very welcoming meetings, we enter the lodge and get to take part in the traditionals of lodge meetings, were some of the members have roles to play and part of the enjoyment is in the learning them and playing your part. There are Secrets and Levels and new parts to learn and you make great friends along your journey in the lodge, secrets have to be kept or the experience would be ruined, that’s it… no big conspiracy.

After the Lodge, we have what is called the festive board, a meal with the members, and some guests invited by members from other lodges. This serves as a social and part of how we raise funds for charity, in short, if you get the chance to join please do it’s great!