The M0sce Shack

My QTH did not have full access to my Amuter Radio or space to experiment, now that I do there are so many options, next door to it I have built a workshop as well somewhere to make projects.

I have built the Shack and Workshop over 2019, not been easy to find the time with so many other commitments, but if something is worth doing you must find away. VHF/UHF are from an antenna on the roof and underground trucking is run some 30 feet with the feeder and 6mm armoured cable. Security cameras report any movement outside as do they at the front of the house as well, recorded in the cloud and messages sent to phones as well, can’t be too careful.

HF is from a vertical and at some stage, I plan to get a better antenna, there is a Sigma SE-1300 Discone Scanner Base Station Antenna that can Transmit on 6m, 2m, 70 cm, 32 cm, it is outside the shack and can be rased on 2″ sections 4 feet each if required, this poll also has a pully at the top and one on the apex of the house to run wire antennas up to 30 feet high, for short term use and experiments. 

The Shacks PC is linked to everything and has a Projector and Smart-Screen, Printer, Scanner, Funqube Pro and 3D Printer all ideal for conduction of experiments.