Amateur radio kit

The Resonator 

The Resonator Antenna was one of my projects to build a field antenna kit that was both large and portable.

Build from a Glass Fibre window cleaner poll for tall buildings this mast is massive. 4x Ratchet straps attach at the top of the first section and are fixed into the ground with large pegs.  Sections push up and lock.

The 3rd Section up there are 3 more steel guy lines that also get fixed to the ground for added stability.

The top section has a bracket for a collinear antenna as well as a pully to make the centre of a grv5 antenna, this can be full G5rv Full Size 102 Feet long or a half size depending on space. This also acts as guylines for the top of the mast, this setup can survive on very windy days!

I have other field antennas but this one takes some beating and covers a large range frequency’s covering 80 – 10 metres and VHF and UHF.