Intermediate Videos

Ham Radio Tutorial How to call CQ

This is a video about how to call "CQ". Visit for more amateur radio videos and information.

Ham Radio Tutorial Building Your First Station

N7TFP demonstrates what equipment would be considered very important to have in any amateur radio station.

Ham Radio Tutorial How To Use An Antenna Tuner

N7TFP talks about how to use an antenna tuner to tune an antenna.

Ham Radio Tutorial Repeaters

Tyler, N7TFP, shows you how to make your first contact using a local 2 meter VHF repeater. Special thanks N7FSM-Erin, and K7CAH-Rick for responding to my call on the repeaters.

AC Volts in an RC Circuit

A short demonstration of the voltages in a series circuit containing resistance and capacitance.

Capacitors Inductors & Tuned Circuits

A short demonstration of some made made capacitors, inductors and tuned circuits using an MFJ antenna analyser.

Band Condition