Water Activitys

I have always enjoyed anything to do with rivers, waterfalls and the sea, Fishing, sailing, canoeing or just simply walking by a river or seafront.

Below are some of my Boats, I used to skipper fishing trips and have taken many courses to complete the yacht master offshore under power. Have also done some sailing but mostly in mirror dinghy, wayfarers and otters. Also, have BCU qualifications but they are very old, I believe it is now replaced with the British Canoeing Award scheme. 


It was a Clinker-built coal boat would not have had an Engine when made, would have been used to collect coal from a larger carvel-built boat selling coal and coke along to cost. This one had a small cover with a roof added, the front window lifted up to get to the anchor, this was stored in a front locker when not in use. The Engine was a British Seagull Century Long Shaft, a great motor that always starts! There is a great website for Saving Old Seagulls worth a look.

Lady Ann

First, of two Dauntless boats, I owned they were a Traditional clinker wooden construction of mahogany planking on oak frames, shallow keel, aft cockpit, transom hung rudder, 2 berths internal layout they were built at the Dauntless Boat Yard Canvey Road Canvey Island Essex. When found, it was in a sorry state with rotten transom section and some planks, also I fully rebuilt the original Stuart Turner 8hp two-stroke engine and rewired.

Molly G

Built from SOLAS Convention that had standards for the construction for ships, made compatible with their safety this boat had two fibreglass skins to its hull with 100mm of foam insulation. Fitted with a diesel crane engine with much more power than needed, also fitted with a Parsons gearbox, operated manually from the wheelhouse. 32 Feet long 8 could fish with plenty of space.

Lady Ann II

Bigger challenge this time my second Dauntless, only the hull used it was a complete rebuild where I also redesigned the cabin with improvements on the layout to suit fishing. The cabin sides were made with Canadian redwood ply in my garage taken down to the boat and fitted whole. I Reused the curved roof beams, and marine ply was used to make the curved roof. Windows were ICI acrylic sheet, I routed them out and used sealant and shaped lead caping on top as the frame. As on the last rebuilt the Stuart Turner Engine and rewired.