Website Construction

My journey website construction started with computer gaming, was invited by a friend to help with a Call of Duty PC gaming clan called the Xmen Clan, learned some code , built my first of many websites, started with PHP Nuke as most gaming clans did, building our own custom game maps, weapons and a cool website for members that recorded player scores. Now a bit more that a hobby its part of my job, and if i say so myself i get results great results.


Great Web Design is not just what it looks like its about targeted finds of your website!

If your site don’t find your target group its a wast of web space!


Most people make the mistake of thinking web designs are good because looks great, I have taught Scouts on a district badge weekend how to build a good looking website, do not be impressed it’s getting very very easy with content management such as WordPress and pre-made templates, it’s just adding pictures and text and making a menu of your pages that bit is so very very simple. 

Following these steps, your site will look great and well structured, but is there any point? what sorts the men from the boys?

  • Preparing a design plan, showing the site structure and how the different parts link together.
  • Deciding which branding, text, colours and backgrounds to use.
  • Laying out pages and positioning buttons, links and pictures, all very eazy with websites made with CMS such as Drupal, Joomla, Magento, WordPress.
  • Adding multimedia, sound, animation and video also eazy with CMS and looks amazing.
  • Third-party template systems such as the amazing DIVI Builder for WordPress it even has instruction videos and many premade page templates, ” get you fast great looking building results almost dose everything for you”

Where is the real skill? Analytics and Search Engine Optimization, you can have the best-looking site in the world, but if it’s only found by site name its dead in the water! I see this every day, people that think they have a great site!! But here is the test, don’t use the site name, search Google/Bing/Yahoo to look for what you’re about, with keywords about your website but using your without using your websites name, this is how most people will look, did you get found, if not it’s dead! and a waste of time!!! White Hat Technique SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the key to the internet, get found or its just an online business card if you have to tell someone where to find it!!


40+ active websites, some of my own projects but most as a professional web developer all get found…

Take the Google Test of your site:

Search not by name but by what you’re about. Did you find your site?

Apollo Kitchens, Southend Estuary Scouts and JLS Builders not only find requires on named services but searches only in their set locations as they don’t want pointless enquires!

Try Geocaching as a Google Search then try it with Beavers or Cubs or Scouts did you see Geocaching Scouts Uk? Yep that’s the difference, targeting is the real skill. 

Image courtesy of SEOlium for Thank you smile