My Zello User Name is M0SCE

I Also Have GB1BEL as a User and Channel for JOTI.

New contacts always welcome, I have set up Zello on my Home PC, Laptop Phone and iPad. Works well, it’s not radio but lots of hams use it.

I also have a N60 a great little device.


Anysecu SenHaix N60 W2 Network Radio for Zello, Echolink

This is an Android-powered radio. You will need a wifi connection or a sim card to use this radio. Comes with mobile mounting bracket, 12v power lead, UK mains power supply, 3G antenna, GPS antenna and microphone.

Great way to use Zello to go on the Scoutsnet channels, Use the power of the Internet and the accessibility of Amateur Radio to help your Scout Group keep in touch with other groups around the world. I was lucky enough to be invited to become an admin. You do not need a radio licence for this mode…

Steps to join Scoutsnet Zello Channels:

  1. Download Zello (Links above) and install in on your chosen device.
  2. Set up the Zello program, pick a user name and add the Scoutsnet Channels
  3. Register with ScoutsNet
  4. Go to the ScoutsNet Channels you wish to chat with other groups/leaders and talk to an admin who needs to do change your status to trusted so others will hear you, the admins are the only ones that can hear what you say until then.